WorkshopsCT Overwintering_0001


72 Harrington Road, Broad Brook, CT 06016

Registration Fee:

$15 pp


Learn the process of how to overwinter plants so they may be reused the following session in your container gardens and patio pots. Tropical plants, annuals, and perennials are discussed with a demo provided to gain an understanding of how to succeed.


This workshop is held in October every year immediately before or right after our last frost date. In 2017, we are adding an early date in September for those who wish to learn the process early so they are prepared for the frost date which arrives in October, or want to get their clean-up done early in Autumn. The September workshop is a lecture style, while the October workshop is a demo style.

2017 Dates:

September 27 – Wednesday (Overwintering Plants Early)
September 30 – Saturday (Overwintering Plants Early)
October 14th – Saturday (Overwintering Plants Demo)


Please see the REGISTRATION menu on the top of this blog site.


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